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The Science of Energy

You might be asking the question - "so, if science knows of the existence of these energetic pathways and centres, then why is it not more widely tested to evidence the likes of energy healing and positive thought, manifestation and universal consciousness?"

Belinda Hayes - The Science of Energy

Crystals For Healing

Belinda Hayes, The Spiritual Teacher 2 May 2018 Crystals each have various uses and energies dependent on the energy of the crystal, the type of crystal and it’s colour. 7 of the most powerful crystals for healing, relate to the 7 chakras of the body. These...

Belinda Hayes - Crystals For Healing

What are Chakras?

Belinda Hayes, The Spiritual Teacher 2 May 2018 Our bodies are made up of three different energy fields/centres; aura, chakras and meridians. The main energy centre and reception point of our physical bodies are found within the chakras. The word Chakra is a...

Belinda Hayes - Chakras
Energy HealingHealing

What is Energy Healing?

Belinda Hayes, The Spiritual Teacher 2 May 2018 We have 4 planes (or layers of defence) within our bodies; the Spiritual, Emotional, Mental & finally, the Physical. When we have a physical ailment, we need to be aware that by the time something manifests in our...

What is Energy Healing

Soulmates vs Twin Flames

  Belinda Hayes, The Spiritual Teacher 24 April 2018 I had the most interesting conversation a few days ago about Soulmates after reading a fascinating article about the origins of ‘fated lovers’. It is mythicised there is an invisible string of fate that...

Belinda Hayes - Twin Flames

The JOY of the senses

It is not often that we take the time to truly appreciate our natural gifts and abilities – our born senses given to us through the creation of our bodies and our consciousness.

Belinda Hayes - Self Care
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