I Am Ready – It Is Time

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Belinda Hayes, The Spiritual Teacher

24 May 2019

Okay – so it is time to talk about this. I have waited too long to say this out loud – and, well, there is no time like the present!


…I am overweight!


Ahhh – It is scary to write that down and to get the words out of my head! But it is time that I was completely honest with myself – and the only way to do that is to be vulnerable. So – I am here, showing up for myself.


Now do not get we wrong – I love myself and who I am. I love all of me internally and externally. But my body is not healthy, my body is not optimal. My body is not healed…and I have spent the past 4 years healing my spiritual body, my emotional body & my mental body – it is now time to heal my physical body too!


So, I am going to share my physical health journey with you all, to get the universe listening and, in the hopes, that it may help anyone else going through something similar at the moment to also start on their own physical health journey too!


Oh – and so you can all help to keep me accountable!!!


Let me give you some insight into what is going on…

2012: I had just given birth to my second child. As you can see, I was carrying a lot of post-baby weight and I was overweight as a result of it.

2013: My husband and I separated. I was not unhappy; life was just hard.

2014: It had been a year since my separation with hubby and I completed a 12 week ‘boot camp’ and lost a lot of weight. I also started my own business (which was exceptionally long hours and very stressful). Oh – and I began dating again. I was thin…yes, but I was not happy. In fact, it was the beginning of the unhappiest 3 years of my life.

2015: I entered a new relationship. What I did not realise at the time was that I had walked into one with a narcissist that was filled with family and domestic abuse & violence.

2016: I had left my relationship in the middle of the night in a bout of strength – but I was homeless, sad, broke (with both businesses I now ran, in financial trouble). I lost everything that year.

2017-2019: My ex-husband and I were working together again to begin to heal our family’s happiness. These two years have been the happiest I have experienced and felt in so, so long – but my weight has been creeping upwards and upwards at an almost consistent 0.5kg a month over 2 years, for NO REASON!


So – I finally decided that enough was enough and went on a weight-loss healing journey to find out what is happening to my body.

  • I felt into my body and spent time in meditation and with my guides tuning in to find out what was going on. I realised that my body was not moving from its sympathetic nervous state to the para-sympathetic nervous state and as such my adrenals were in constant fight-flight mode (most likely as a result of my previous relationship and the stressors I was under for those years). Despite being safe for the past 2 years, my body has failed to recognise that I am!


  • I began recording what I was eating through a calorie-counting app to see if my lifestyle and my eating habits were affecting my weight. I had a complete DEXA scan (the scan that shows your fat and muscle under ultrasound) and I was told that my current ideal BMI calorie-controlled diet would be approx.. 1550/day to maintain my weight. After 3 months of recording my intake, without reducing or changing anything about my diet (just to see what was going on), I was averaging approx. 990 calories a day (WELL under the amount to maintain my weight, and enough to actually see me losing it). On top of that it showed that I was eating a balanced diet in proteins, fats, carbs etc…. there was no explanation for why I would be putting on weight, based on food intake.


  • I joined a gym and was attending PT sessions twice a week and going myself 3 times a week outside of that. After 3 months, by PT told me that he has NEVER seen anyone have no noticeable or recordable difference in that time and he did not know what was going on. He suggested I go to see a doctor.


  • So – I took myself off to the doctors for a full blood work up. They found no issues with my cortisol, which is my adrenals (note I still disagree with this finding, but I was willing to listen to them…), my thyroid is functioning normally, all my hormones are within range – but they did find a high concentration of triglycerides (this is the amount of fat cells within my blood!). According to science I have liver damage from exposure to a virus at some time (possibly Hep A) and my liver is not converting food to energy, but rather straight to fat! So – they know this – but oh, there is no ‘scientific’ solution or remedy. I can ‘try’ to reverse the liver damage and see if that helps. Another dead end.


  • Then a friend suggested I get a hair follicle analysis done. This amazing report recorded that I was lacking in some vital minerals, amino acids & fatty acids – in which a naturopath is now assisting me with for the next 90 days to determine if this has an impact on my metabolism at all.


But – at the end of the day, my body appears to tell me one thing – when I am happiest, I am heaviest! So – how can I be healthy, weight wise, and still be happy? How can I tell my body that it is safe, and that I am safe? How can I get my external world to reflect my inner one?


I do not have the answers and I am working hard to find them – within myself and through working with others. My beautiful spiritual tribe have been amazing, with so many stepping forward to help me – through emotional release healings, kinesiology, forensic healing, hair analysis readings, naturopathy and more!


So – my journey continues and my goal (as I am setting one for the universe!) is to lose 28kgs – to be my fittest, healthiest self! I know I can do it…and I am ready to let go of what is holding me back!


Do you hear me, Universe – I AM READY – IT IS TIME!!!




Belinda Hayes

The Spiritual Teacher, Author, Presenter
Belinda is a healer, trainer, author, presenter and event organiser.

Dedicated to healing and the science of energy, Belinda is committed to enriching people’s lives to allow them live their own version of happiness.

As a Reiki Master and accredited Crystal Healer and Teacher Belinda offers powerful and dedicated options of healing through various products and services as well as workshops and training courses.

As a mother of 2 beautiful children and a survivor and fighter…Belinda knows all too well the power of positive thinking and the ability of the mind to heal the body. She is passionate about the mind-body connection and holistic health from a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical perspective.


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