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My Story

As an empath, my journey has been a remarkable one; one that has required a depth of conviction, deep understanding, continued growth and a learned education.

I have been connected to spirit since I was a child, and throughout my own personal healing journey (from childhood trauma and adult violence), I am blessed to be thriving in a space that I can share what I have learned, as well as my own unique gifts and knowledge, with you.

My story is an inspirational one, filled with hope and survival and can show that you too can enrich your life with your own journey of personal healing and happiness.

about ME

I am a healer, trainer, author, presenter and event organiser.

Dedicated to healing and the science of energy, I am committed to enriching people’s lives to allow them live their own version of happiness.

As a Reiki Master and accredited Crystal healer and teacher, I offer powerful and dedicated options of healing through various products and services, as well as workshops and training courses.

As a mother of 2 beautiful children and a survivor and fighter…I know all too well the power of positive thinking and the ability of the mind to heal the body.

I am truly passionate about the mind-body connection and holistic health from a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical perspective.

The Longer Version

My story is one of trauma and survival, but also one of hope and healing. As a lightworker, it was through my experiences in trauma that I really discovered who I was and I have continued that journey through my passion of sharing the knowledge and the understanding that I have gained with others; so that they too, can find the inner lightworker within themselves.

…From the moment I was born, my mother always told me that I was a sensitive child. I felt with a depth of feeling that both empathised and sympathised with experiences and pain of others beyond my years. I was drawn to healing and Earth elements even then, without realising it. I would hold a quartz crystal in my left hand during school exams. I collected stones and rocks and would place them around my room in what I thought then was no particular order, but on a deeper level knowing that they served a greater purpose. I spent hours and hours in nature, connecting with the land and its energy and I felt most at home deep in the Australian Bush. The smells, the sounds and the call of the land sang to a place in my heart and my soul even then.

But more regularly, I connected and conversed with spirit. Yes, I saw and spoke with ‘dead people’. I laughed with them and I shared experiences with them. I wondered at their apparition to me and I wondered if I was different (or if everyone else was!?).

There were many stories of spirit and my encounters with them, but what I truly remember the most, is that spirit was always by my side. Not just though the happy and the good, but also through the bad, the sad and the ugly…and unfortunately my life got ugly. As a child, while spirit were always there for me, I did not always see that, and see their support and love, instead I began, over time, to slowly associate spirit WITH trauma in my life and that is how my disconnection started. From love to loneliness and more…

  • 10…that was the age when the sexual assault began by my maternal grandfather. Spirit tried to warn me, by sending me messages from grandfatherly figures in other realms, but I did not understand then.
  • 14…that was how old I was when I was pre-warned of a physical attack and assault that was coming. A warning that went unheeded as I struggled to make sense of the messages. I was beaten severely in the local park days later, by a gang of girls.
  • 16…at sixteen an intruder broke into my home, entering through my window, and hid under my bed laying in wait until I feel asleep. He physically attacked me, holding a knife to my throat and succeeded in taking from me that night my sense of security and safety. Spirit and my soul tried to be there for me, but I did not hear them.
  • 24…was the age in which, after walking through life learning what I could learn through study, and climbing my way up a corporate ladder – I met a man and got married…but we lost our first child.
  • 26…was how old I was when I found my mother after she sliced her wrists in the throes of PTSD following her divorce with my father after 32 years of marriage. I quit my life and my job at that time to become a full-time carer and keep her alive.
  • 28…it was at age 28 that I gave birth to my first child and spiraled into a deep despair through the ravages of post-natal depression.
  • 31…was when my husband and I separated, and I went searching again for a love that I had been craving since the feeling was first taken from me at just 10 years old. I found this love in 2013 but blindly walked into a relationship with a narcissist filled with domestic abuse and violence.
  • 33…I was 33 when I attempted to take my own life after a culmination of this compiled trauma and despair.

My life was so happy as a child until I was betrayed and taught not to trust. I withdrew into myself to protect myself and as a child, instead of welcoming spirit and the universe’s support and love, I began to associate that energy WITH trauma when I could have been embracing the lessons and the healing for a cherished life. Instead I withdrew completely into my ego and fought against the world. I constantly searched for the meaning to it all, and it was not until I was laying on the floor at the age of 33, dying, that I had a revelation…a realisation.

I lay on the floor of my bedroom, crying; crying for the empathetic girl that never truly understood the world around her and for the pain (and the beauty) that the universe possessed. And as I cried, the most miraculous thing happened…my daughter ran to her room and grabbed from her bedside table a Rose Quartz crystal and placed it in my hand. As she did, she bent down to my ear and whispered to me…”it is okay Mum, because this crystal is ‘Love’, it will love you”.

I awoke later that day with the crystal in my hand still and healing energy flowing through my entire body. I could feel it everywhere. I could feel it flowing through the top of my head, through my heart and down my arm, warming my palms. I could feel the strength in my body where it flowed. I was connected in that moment to a greater consciousness, one that I had not felt since I was sixteen. I had taken 35 years to remember it again…. but I remembered it. My soul! My purpose. The reason for this life we have!

So, I rose! I paused, and I collected myself. I listened to my inner voice and I heard the voice of my soul. I knew I needed to heal from the trauma of my life. I needed to find my power, my inner purpose. I needed to know who I REALLY was. So I began to stop searching for love, as this was always to be found – within me. Instead I began to find a new pathway of wholeness and completeness and walk the journey of healing…and I have never looked back.

I studied Reiki. I used the energy of crystals. I found tools and techniques to cope, rise, move on and accept. I followed mentors and I studied the science of energy. I presented to audiences and I wrote my story. I shared my insights and my pain, but also my passions and my successes. I found the lightworker within me! I saw others on journeys of healing, as I was, and I worked with them to find their own inner lightworker. I found a way to believe in myself again and to give that same belief and hope to others.

Now, I work as a healer and spiritual teacher. Today I stand tall and proud of my journey and the lessons it has taught me. Today I am a presenter and a mentor. I am a guidepost for others to release their trauma and to let their light shine!


As a writer, author, presenter, facilitator, connector, healer and teacher – I have witnessed magic and manifested a tribe of like-minded souls in an inspiring journey of connection and healing.


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Another fantastic session! It is easy to see that you put a lot of thought and consideration into creating not only a beautiful space where people feel comfortable to share, but also providing so much information for their growth and development. I’m so grateful our paths crossed and I know I will be seeing you again. Thank you!


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