Reiki - Level 2 (The Direction)

Reiki - Level 2 (The Direction)

Saturday, Aug 3, 2019

9:30am - 3:30pm

Reiki Course – Level 2 "The Direction"

Reiki, Level 2, is known as “The Direction”. It is a one day course, designed to deepen your connection to Reiki into an Emotional & Spiritual space.

What will I learn at this course?
During the course, you will be attuned to the 2nd level of the traditional Usui system. In this workshop you will learn the final energy symbols allowing you to deepen your Reiki healing into an Emotional & Mental Level of the Usui Reiki practice as well as be taught the techniques of Distance Healing.

What is an attunement?
During the course, you will be given four attunements to the Reiki Level 2 energy by a Reiki Master. This is the only way that Reiki is passed into your body. Reiki itself is the attunement to the universal energy’s life force. Once you are attuned, you are attuned for life and are permanently linked to this energy without the need of conscious alteration of your mind (eg: via meditation, prayer or visualisation)

Do I need to prepare beforehand for an attunement?
No, there is nothing you need to do to prepare. You do not need to fast, or refrain from any particular foods. It is recommended though, that you refrain from alcohol or other drugs, at least 48 hours prior to your attunement, to ensure you are clear in your mind and spirit for the course.

What do I need to bring on the day?
You will be provided on the day with a workbook, as well as a certificate upon completion. Please wear light, comfortable clothing and shoes that easily slip on/off. Morning tea and tea/coffee/water will be provided, but I ask all students to please bring a plate of food to share for lunch.

Event Location

Belinda Hayes
6 Pengana Curt
Alexandra Hills, Queensland4161

Event Fees

Registration - Reiki Level 2
AUD 295.00

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