The Science of Energy

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Belinda Hayes, The Spiritual Teacher
15 May 2018

Science has proven that we have three main areas of energy within our bodies:

Our Aura – the non-physical shell or layer of energy that surrounds our physical body Our Chakras – the energy centres within our bodies aligned along our body’s centre Our Meridians – pathways or channels in the body in which energy flows (affectionately known as the circulatory system for energy in the body). You might be asking the question – “so, if science knows of the existence of these energetic pathways and centres, then why is it not more widely tested to evidence the likes of energy healing and positive thought, manifestation and universal consciousness?” Well, it is! Right now, and for some time, the scientific community has been researching and experimenting on ways to theorise, test and prove the Science of Spiritual Energy. One of the most widely known experiments regarding Spiritual Energy, was conducted in 1999 by Dr Emoto. He was one of the first scientists to theorise the concept of positive talk and thought on our bodies. He did this through an incredible experiment using water (to replicate the human body – being that the human body is made up of almost 72% water). Through his experiments, Dr Emoto has shown a link between the power of positive thought and how it can affect our bodies (or at least, the water molecules within our bodies). This began a fiercely debated concept on the power of positive thought and intention. Since Dr Emoto’s work many other scientists have had their interest in spiritual energy increased and have embarked on a mission to find a recordable and substantiated test that could be conducted to measure our body’s spiritual energy. Deepak Chopra was one such person, who was interested in studying the effects of hands-on-healing. To do this, he took blood test from clients who were undertaking Reiki healings and compared them to test subjects that had received no healing. Deepak identified that during the healing the natural process of homeostasis increased within the subject’s bodies. (Homeostasis is the process in which our body automatically responds to infection and begins to ‘self-heal’; ensuring a state of balance always within the physiological aspects of the body; the physical plane). The energy healing of Reiki was identified as triggering the self-healing response of the human body, through nothing but channelled ‘hands on healing’. As these fields, centres and pathways continue to be researched and studied, we are gaining more and more evidence that our words have power and can influence the energy of objects and other living elements (eg: water, rice, plants). Science has also shown us that Universal Consciousness between a species exists (see Noetic Science & Morphic Resonance) and because of the experiments showcased through Gregg Braden and Alfred Sheldrake, it has also shown us that emotions effect our DNA and that out DNA shapes the world around us. With all this in mind, we can begin too scientifically understand the movement of energy around our bodies and within the universe and how that energy affects our mental wellbeing, our emotions and out physical bodies.

Belinda Hayes

The Spiritual Teacher, Author, Presenter
Belinda is a healer, trainer, author, presenter and event organiser. Dedicated to healing and the science of energy, Belinda is committed to enriching people’s lives to allow them live their own version of happiness. As a Reiki Master and accredited Crystal Healer and Teacher Belinda offers powerful and dedicated options of healing through various products and services as well as workshops and training courses. As a mother of 2 beautiful children and a survivor and fighter…Belinda knows all too well the power of positive thinking and the ability of the mind to heal the body. She is passionate about the mind-body connection and holistic health from a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical perspective.


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