What is Energy Healing?

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Belinda Hayes, The Spiritual Teacher
2 May 2018
We have 4 planes (or layers of defence) within our bodies; the Spiritual, Emotional, Mental & finally, the Physical. When we have a physical ailment, we need to be aware that by the time something manifests in our bodies within the physical plane/layer, it has already transcended through the mental, emotional and spiritual. With anything that occurs in our life, we need to take care of ourselves at the core level to prevent further harm or trauma lodging within us and causing imbalance, unrest, or worse, dis-ease (disease) in our bodies. When we experience loss, grief, trauma or upset within our lives, our energy is affected (or more importantly, the energy centres of our bodies (the Chakras) can become blocked, over or under active. If we do not address the trauma within these areas, spiritually, then it will begin to manifest through the next layer (emotional), then the mental until finally…if STILL not resolved and released…it will manifest physically. Energy healing is the process of moving this stagnate energy and unblocking energy centres, to allow your body to function holistically and in perfect balance between these planes. An energy healing can clear unwanted and past trauma from your energy and allow healing at a deep, karmic level to take place, even if you are not feeling ill. There are many forms of Energy Healing; including Reiki, Crystals, Theta, Acupuncture, Reflexology, EFT, Yoga, Kinesiology and many, many more…but they all essentially focus on the same thing – finding the imbalance within a body’s energy centres and pathways and moving, clearing or realigning the energy to allow it to flow freely and for our bodies to be ‘at ease’. The art of energy healing is available to us all through breath work and stillness, but can be harnessed and directed through direct modalities, meditation, hands on healing and intention.

Belinda Hayes

The Spiritual Teacher, Author, Presenter
Belinda is a healer, trainer, author, presenter and event organiser. Dedicated to healing and the science of energy, Belinda is committed to enriching people’s lives to allow them live their own version of happiness. As a Reiki Master and accredited Crystal Healer and Teacher Belinda offers powerful and dedicated options of healing through various products and services as well as workshops and training courses. As a mother of 2 beautiful children and a survivor and fighter…Belinda knows all too well the power of positive thinking and the ability of the mind to heal the body. She is passionate about the mind-body connection and holistic health from a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical perspective.


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